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Hi! My name is Ilene. I live in northeastern North Carolina. I am married to Jim, the most wonderful man in the world! I have a 15 year-old son (Tad) and a 13 year-old daughter (Kimberly).

I'm a Laboratory Technician onboard a Navy ship (USS Bataan (LHD-5). Keep checking back and you will soon see a link to the USS Bataan Medical Department. Check us out, the Ship is awesome and we have one of the largest Medical facilities afloat, with 6 Operating Rooms and a fully equipped Blood Bank. I've been in the Navy for 10 1/2 years with only 9 1/2 years to go before I can retire. It has it's good moments and it's bad (having to spend so much time away from my family is the worst). But in the end, it will be worth it. I am an HM2 (Second Class Hospital Corpsman, or E-5 for you land-lubbers). Jim is also in the Navy. He's an EN2 (Second Class Engineman). And my father is a retired ENC(SS). He was a Submariner (or Bubble-Head, as we sailors call them). I guess that explains why I'm in the Navy at all.

With the rest of my time, I enjoy doing things with my family, going on road-trips (whether it be with my husband on his Harley, or in the car), taking care of my pets (a 6-month old puppy Shyanne, and 2 cats Tabby and Buddi), and building homepages (I'm still quite new at the homepage building, so bare with me).

I was born in New Hampshire, but primarily raised in Colorado. My father, sister, brother and niece still live there. We are planning a road trip to Colorado and South Dakota at the end of the summer. Hopefully Sturgis will fit into the itinerary. My husband is in the process of restoring our '73 Corvette (I assist as consulting engineer, of course). Please see our Corvette Page. It's really coming along.

This is Momma's baby Candy. She was recently hit by a car and killed. I miss her so much! Most people say that dog's don't go to heaven, because they have no soul. I beg to differ with them. She was the sweetest, most gentle animal that ever lived, and deserved a place in heaven before most people I know.

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People who meet him think
that he pretends to be a
Biker on the weekend.
People who know him know
that he pretends to be a
Sailor during the week.

This is my son Tad.
He thinks he's a Phantom.
Actually, he's a teenager.
Need I say more?
He'll be driving this summer.
I'm turning my driver's
license in and selling my car.
Just kidding! He's still

This is my daughter Kimberly.
She's a pretty good kid.
She's quite fanatical about
her cat Buddi. After all, she
is his Mommy.

This is my family in Pennsylvania.
They're wonderful folks. Vince has
taught me everything I know about
computers and building homepages.
Check out their Homepage. It's
fantastic and has lots of great

This is my sister's family in
Colorado. Their page is coming
along, so be patient and keep
checking back. Luv ya, Nel.

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